Our mission

To offer the best writing services with the highest level of excellence. Through our rigorous revision process, your writing will not only be flawless and professional, more importantly it will convince the reader of your competence, skills and motivations.

What is Our Process?

Draft by draft, we work closely with you to structurize, strengthen and enhance your writing through our revision process. Whether it's Start to Finish or a Final Touch, we strive to help you write a very compelling essay.

Writing Assessment

Delivered within just 1-2 business days, our Writing Assessment Report allows you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your essay, helping you make the best decision for your academic writing needs.

Revision Process

Depending on the package, revisions include proofreading, structural editing & writing enhancements. You will also receive extensive feedback to work on in the subsequent draft.

Ready to submit

After our extensive revision process, you can be sure that your essay is both professional and compelling, ready to include in your academic application!

Our Services

Reviews (...more)

Brian wrote:

“I really want to thank Amanda for helping me out with my personal statement. Not only for doing such an amazing job, but also for doing more than I had originally thought I needed. I asked for help with condensing my personal statement (by 700 characters!), and not only did she do that (amazingly), but she perfected the entire thing! Honestly, I have never felt more confident with my personal statement."

AF wrote:

"Amanda did a phenomenal job with my personal statement! Her feedback was all on point and all her ideas were original and helpful. Amanda also worked in a timely fashion, making sure the personal statement was done way before the deadline. My personal statement was the icing on the cake for my application! Thanks Amanda!"

Robert wrote:

"After seeing so-so results with my school's writing center, I asked Amanda for help with my personal statement. She revised my essay into a superior finished product, while still retaining my voice. Amanda has a great knack for knowing what to cut, what to emphasize, and how to achieve better flow. It feels great to have this part of my application shine. I look forward to working with Amanda on my C.V."

MQ wrote:

"The first draft of my personal statement was a wreck until Amanda stepped in. I am so grateful for having Amanda look over my personal statement and giving me positive feedback. The changes she made really added edge to my personal statement."

Writing Workshops @

Known for our rigorous editing, detailed support and professional integrity, EDU Writing Services is the primary choice of Dr. Romano’s students at Romano Scientific since 2012.

Due to increasing requests, we are planning to hold writing workshops at Romano Scientific lecture halls on brainstorming, outlining and the keys to effectively writing a personal statement. If you are interested, please email us for more information.