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Why is your personal statement so important?

Gaining acceptance to dental and optometry school is much harder than it used to be.

Your entrance essay is the one part of the admissions process which you have complete control over and is the only part of your admissions application that communicates to the admissions committee your unique personal story, the significance of your accomplishments and what makes you a perfect candidate.

Entrance Essay Packages:

Dentistry & Optometry

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Your writing skills:


  • Writing is not my strength
  • I struggle with writing concisely
  • I have no draft and/or a weak outline
  • I need a writing coach to help me through the personal statement writing process
  • Drafting limit:
    6,000 including spaces


Your writing skills:


  • I'm a decent writer, but I have trouble with transitions and creating a compelling narrative
  • I need help deciding what to include
  • I need a moderate level of professional feedback
  • Drafting limit:
    5,000 including spaces

Final Touch

Your writing skills:


  • I'm a strong and creative writer
  • I've written many drafts of my personal essay
  • I only need a professional to verify my writing, proofread and to help polish my writing
  • Drafting limit:
    4,500 including spaces

Package Features:

FEATURES Premium Standard Final Touch
$ 630

Coupon code:
$ 490

Coupon code:
Final Touch
$ 380

Coupon code:
Consultation via email Extensive Moderate Essential
Outline organization & drafting (extensive guide) included
Structure included included
Content included included included
Vocabulary & repetition included included included
Mechanics included included included
Flow included included included
Overall impact included included included
No. of revisions 4 3 2
Drafting limit
(char. w/spaces)
6,000 5,000 4,500

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